Monday, April 5, 2010

15 March 2010

Wow, so this chapel is going to be so awesome, we're gonna have an open house this weekend and then its gonna be dedicated this Sunday. We're gonna be working really hard to get a lot of people in the chapel this Sunday and today we were doing a service project to get a whole town, which looks like its gonna work cause they're all pretty excited to come see the church. The sacrament meeting is gonna be upstairs and its a lot better now that we have all the water filtered and we won't have to keep bring in bottles of water to use for the sacrament. And the baptismal font is amazing, and we had the chance to use it last Saturday. Its a good sized font and the room that its apart of is big enough to fit in quite a few people, which is better than sitting outside around a pool like we have been doing. And is got a water heater so i won't have to baptize in freezing cold water until i get a transfer. I didn't even have that in Vegas! I still remember how cold that water was when dad baptized me that same day with Audrey. But i guess that´s a good thing cause maybe if the water hadn't been so cold i wouldn't have remembered for as long as i have. One of our eternal investigadors got baptized this Saturday because we finally convinced her that she should be the first person to get baptized in the new chapel. Amazing she accepted and stopped drinking chicha de jora so that she could pass her interview.

And right now we're teaching a jovencita thats really just an amazing investigador. She's got a ton of questions for us and we're helping her first of all to gain a testimony so that she can understand and accept the answers we give her. But amongst her questions, one of them was ´´When can i get baptized?´´ Its just a pain cause she studies in Cusco all during the week and she's only here Saturday night and Sunday. So we put a date for the 27th and we have to hurry up and have her get her testimony. We left her a few videos, some folletos and some chapters to read in the Book of Mormon so i think everything will work out great. Oh, and so you know, her name is LĂ­zdian Salas.

Anyways, I want you to know that i'm doing great here in Valle Sagrado and i love working here. Being a zone leader is a little more difficult, but its helping me grow. I love you guys, and Mayce, i'll try to write you next week!!! sorry i didn't have time today