Tuesday, July 28, 2009

27 July 2009

Well thats pretty cool that Kevin´s engaged now (Coulson's Cousin - ED). Looks like the family just keeps changing more and more while i´m away. And now that I think about it, there´s a good chance that Robert (Cousin just returning from Argentina Mission) will be married too by the time me and Dallin (cousin serving mission in the Ukraine - ED) get back. Well this week we have the change meeting, so there´s a chance i´ll have a new comp or a new area. I think I’ll probably stay here in 200 Millas for two more changes before I leave. Which means I’ll spend my first birthday of the mission here in Lima. Anyways, send me an update of how everything went during the family reunion. An update of everything that happened this week… I’m happy because we baptized a joven this Saturday and confirmed her (Hitsbel) and Zefy, the niña that we baptized last Sunday.

Oh, and Zefy finally learned a little about my name, because now she doesn’t call me el gringo, but now its Elder Timbre, which means doorbell, because they pronounce the end of Huntington like a doorbell **Tin Ton**
It makes me laugh, and hopefully this next change we can baptize her dad.

Love you all

6 Months in the mission and it is a tradition to burn a tie (who knew? - Ed)

Monday, July 13, 2009

13 July 2009

Ok, maybe i just forgot, but what "move to Albuquerque"? (sister and brother in law, Mayce and Ethan are moving to Albuquerque for Ethan to go to University of New Mexico law school - Ed) and wow, that would be so amazing if i could see them (Uncle Kevin goes to Argentina to pick up cousin Robert from his mission, with a side trip home to Peru where Kevin served a mission a century or so, ago - Ed). Actually i pass my the airport every Monday and Wednesday to go to meetings as a zone and district. the airport is just 5 or 10 minutes away from my house in a bus (which bus really is more like a really really old van). So at least i think i would be able to get permission to see them at the airport when they get in on the 21st, but our new president is much more relaxed than our other president. More focused on the spirit, which i really like, than memorization and a strict way to teach. I'll talk to our zone leaders to see if i can get permission to call president. As for being in Lima, i don't think that'll be a problem. I'm pretty sure my companion is going to have a change on the 29th of July, and then the next change isn't until the 9th of September. So my next email should have an answer if i can see them or not, but if not, you can check out how close the house is on google maps, my house is in Lima, Callao, San Juan Mesias, Ave. Arequipa, Manzana LL1. Its just north of the airport (Jorge Chavez) by a little bit.

Coulson's Daily Agenda

Well, we had two baptisms this week, Karn and Ariana. I baptized Karen and Elder Marcelo baptized Ariana. It was just a small event, but considering its the one thing we work to do more than anything else, it was a special day. And i confirmed for the first time too. That was a little interesting. To give blessings and confirmations and things of that nature we use the tú form (Common form of Spanish - Ed), but as a missionary learning Spanish, i pretty much only know usted (formal Spanish - Ed). I always mess up a bit with that. But it was cool to be able to do that.
Anyways, gotta go, but i love you all, and thanks for the package in advance (Mom's Care Package - Ed). Tell me a little bit about the palm pre (Mom and Dad and brother Calder's new cell phones - Ed)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Last few weeks

Another picture of Gloria (new convert) at a ward activity night.

June 14th
Well, we have a few investigators, but the most difficult thing is actually getting a hold of them. Karen and her daughter have baptismal date for the fourth of July, Pilar and her sister have already listened to everything and would accept a baptismal date too except for their dad, who we haven’t gotten a hold of yet. The same story with Janet and her children Janet and Carlos. Her husband isn’t exactly keen on them getting baptized, and we haven’t been able to talk with him either. Sergio likes to listen and he´s easily the investigator that understands the most, but he studies a lot and doesn’t have much time except on Saturdays. Good thing he studies a lot though, cause i can help him with English. Victor listens, doesn´t talk much though, and he has another problem because he doesn´t live in our sector, but he spends all day here. We try to teach him every once and a while, but without him in our sector we can’t really do anything, including talk to his parents. Hitsbel is interesting... she lives in a school... last time we taught her she was pretty busy, so we offered to help, and surprisingly she accepted, so we cut out letters and colored in pictures for about an hour for service. It was the first time I’d been in a school like that for a while. Luis is a great guy, we just have to find a way for him to accept baptism. His brother Eric comes along with us occasionally because he’s a recent convert, and I’m hoping that he’ll help us with Luis. Annie is receptive, but doesn’t have time on Sunday to come to church. We’ve talked about it a lot, but she is very loyal to her mom, which is great, but her mom needs help on Sunday mornings with work, so she puts that above going to church. Her brother Eduardo is another story. He’s a physics student, so we have that in common and we get along pretty well, but he’s also agnostic, so we have our differences. Anyway, most of our lessons with him are focused on testifying of God and getting him to pray, because he doesn't like to admit there is a God, so he doesn’t like to pray to something he doesn’t know. Its interesting, but when we taught him the Plan of Salvation he seemed a lot more interested. It was the first time that he only asked me one question. Normally is closer to ten, so i could tell something was different. The question he asked was how i could believe in this plan and in science at the same time. And oh, i was ready for that. We talked about it, how is physics we accept certain rules before we verify that they’re true and related it to accepting Christ and his atonement so that we can repent, pray, and know for a certainty that they exist and work. Its my first experience with someone here that doesn´t really beleive in God, so its really enlightening to see him working towards that change. Lizbet (or Elizabeth, i don´t really know) likes to listen too, but doesn´t really have a testimony, so we´re trying to help her with that, but she´s told us that once she knows that its true, she´ll get baptized, she just needs to know first. Hopefully her boyfriend will help her with that. He was a missionary that returned after two changes because his knee needed to get a surgery. And then there´s her sister too, who is a little more difficult to get a hold of, but ready to listen too.
Wow, there´s more too, but i´m out of time, so i gotta let my comp write his family. This week is changes, so i´ll let you know next monday if i´m with a new comp or in a new area. Love you guys a ton, and Daddy, early Happy Father´s Day!!!! More about that next week since its closer to the actual date.

A few more pictures of the Ward Activity night.

July 6th
Ya, it wasn´t a computer crash (we did not have an email last week, this is why-Ed), but my comp was sick, from last Friday to about Tuesday he was down with a fever and some other stuff, so we didn´t have a chance to go to internet. Anyways, for the same reason we haven´t had much chance to work, but we do have two baptisms coming up this Saturday, Karen and her daughter Ariana. We´ll have her baptismal interview tomorrow, along with a multi-zone meeting with President Tyler (first time we´ll meet him), so tomorrow should make out to be a pretty long day. And then we have interviews with him the next day, so this week we´ll be low in numbers again. I hate looking at the numbers when we have sick days, or weeks with a lot of meetings, because it always feels like we haven´t done enough. Anyways, where did Bec and Davis go on their cruise? (4-day Catalina, Ensenada and San Diego-Ed) I figure all i need to do is marry someone who likes to scuba dive (Yeah-Ed) and I'll have a great honeymoon. Go to some warm-water diving spot for a while.
Anyways, wasted most of my time uploading the pictures, so I'll just end it here. Language isn't really a problem anymore, not too bad anyways. Oh, and send me some surprises with the package if you haven't already sent it : ) and if you can, send some salsa cause my pensionista wants to try some. Her son is in Quaxaca Mexico and he tried to explain it to her but she wants to try some and they don't really have it here. Love you guys.

The family went to Park City to celebrate Grandma's 80th B'day, so Coulson had a cake made in her honor in Peru.

Picture of Coulson in his Apartment