Monday, March 8, 2010

8 March 10

Well there isn't too much to say that isn't in the recording (Coulson sends us voice mail message each week-Ed), but everything is going fine here in Urubamba. I just don't get too much sleep anymore cause we have to do a bunch of things for the zone almost every other day. And when Ane Marie (Coulson's Cousin) is here just have her give me a call in the morning (8 to 10) or at night (9: 30 to 10:30) and i'll set her up with what she should do and where she should drop it (a package from home-Ed) off. And i already told you about the chapel in the street called Tullumayo, she should be able to drop it off there Sunday at 10 am if she's here on Sunday.
And as to the earthquake there in Chile, it hasn't done anything here, cause they're still concentrating in the things that are going on in the Sacred Valley. Another town... se hundiĆ³... ummm... basically got washed away when one of the water reserves broke open. So they aren't thinking much in anything else.
But i'm pretty sure tha t almost no one died cause i haven't heard anything, so that's good.
And in two weeks we're gonna move out of the chapel house and into the real chapel that's still in construction. Anyways, thats all the big news and don't worry about the picture mom (from the last post, hanging from the bridge), i already told president all about it in my interview