Monday, April 5, 2010

28 March 2010

You know what, i always thought my first train wreck would be my last, but it looks like missionaries have angels helping them out too, so i walked away from the crash just with a bruised leg and a lot of sueño. And now I'll explain what happened. We got the news Saturday that MachuPicchu had two baptisms, but they didn't have anyone to be witnesses because they only have about 4 priests in the town, one of them was excommunicated, one has his rights taken away, the other is living with his girlfriend, and the last hope kept on running away from them all Saturday so they couldn't do the baptisms. My companion and I talked about the importance of baptism and not having investigators wait any longer to have the Holy Ghost in their lives, so after our two baptisms we packed up some stuff and left Urubamba at midnight to go to MaPi. The only problem is that we had to walk because there aren't any trains working yet. So we took a taxi as far as we could, then started walking, and about 6:30 in the morning on Sunday a worker cart came down the tracks and picked us up to help us out, and about at 6:40 we turned around a curve and slammed into another worker cart that was stopped right there. I was fortunate enough to be standing up at the time because there weren't any more seats and got my leg smashed against the control box, and because we hadn't had any sleep, it didn't even matter and i didn't feel to much until i woke up this morning. But we got here in time to help them out with their baptisms, everything worked out great, and today they are gonna send out a train of passengers that we will be taking because there is no way i am walking to MachuPicchu ever again. But i can definitely say that i will never forget the 28th of march of 2010.

Anyways, ya, i figured Anne Marie would call me when she was here in Cusco, but she called right before the baptisms we had and told be she was in Lima, and i just laughed at her inside, but its fine, just try and send me the debit card through regular mail, packaged up pretty well and I'll fast and pray it gets here.

The conference will be there in the chapel, they have a projector and everything, a big screen tv and a few smaller tv's too. But this time i don't think I'll be able to listen in English *sigh* I always like to listen to the actual voice of the prophet but I'll have to settle with what i can get. Generally we have quite a few investigators that come to church here, 5 to 10 almost every Sunday, but cause we were here in MaPi we couldn't see if anyone came yesterday.

I'm safe and fine, everything is going great, and as a ZL I'm really happy that we exceeded out goal of baptisms for the month in the zone. We aimed for 10 and we got 11

cuídense mucho, les amo, chao