Friday, December 25, 2009

1 Dec 09

Hey Fam, well this week is changes so i might get changed to a different place or not. President is leaving everything open to see what{s gonna happen, but it{s almost a sure thing that one of us is getting a change, me or Elder Pizarro. I think I’ll be staying a little bit longer in Lima and then I’ll spend the rest of the mission in Provinces. Normally we spend about a year in Lima and about a year in the provinces (Cusco, Apurimac, o Madre de Dios).
As to how my weeks gone… we found a family that’s really just ridiculously huge. It’s the grandma, the 3 sisters and one brother, their spouses and their kids. The only problem is that they are pretty fixed on being Catholic even though they accept us to teach them. I just hope they can base their testimony on the Book of Mormon and start coming to church. Another problem… these are the first Catholics I’ve met that actually go to their church, and because they don’t want to skip a Sunday over there, I’m not sure when they’re gonna make the choice to come and see ours.
Positive things about the mission:
Well my district leader is pretty cool. Elder Benavides, he’s from Bogota Colombia. And whenever we have work visits we have a pretty good time. Its interesting though because he doesn’t actually have a companion, just a mini-missionary, so either my companion or I have to work with someone who isn’t really all that prepared to be a missionary and teach all the lessons, and he doesn’t have the attitude of a missionary cause he feels like this is just a time to relax and see how the mission works. But its an interesting experience that we have to teach him from the very beginning and see how much the MTC actually helps prepare missionaries. It wasn’t like that at all last change. Just have to keep your fingers crossed cause a bad district leader makes a change a little less than enjoyable.
The zone leaders are alright too, and its always fun to spend a day with another gringo. We talk a lot more and joke around, and just have a good time. We just have to avoid certain places when there are two white people together. Two reasons, the guys sometimes want to rob us, and the girls always want to flirt with us. Its not like that in all the places here in Lima, but because we’re in Callao, where there just aren’t white people at all, they try to make an attempt.
Love to all