Sunday, April 25, 2010

12 April 2010

(In response to Mom's question) Ya well about how we should use the Book of Mormon in missionary work, its exactly like Joseph Smith said, it’s the keystone of our religion, and we have to treat it with a lot of respect. Generally we always refer to the most important story in 3 Nephi 11, when Christ came here. At first I hated how we always share the same stories with everyone, but really its important that they know about that event specifically, and we really have a lot of experiences with that. I’ve had quite a few investigators who have had dreams just about that chapter in the Book of Mormon, and the one that stands out to me more than anything is when one of our investigators told us about her dream and she said that she was looking for the prophets that were engraving in the golden plates, and she found Nephi and started talking to him when the world just started to come down around her, she was in the darkness and when she left she saw Christ come down for the heavens and just talked with her, but he basically said the same things to her as to everything in Bountiful, told her to get baptized by someone who had the power of God and exactly in that same form that He himself had been baptized. She woke up and felt that warm sensation of peace come over her and she knew she had to start going to church. Then I left the sector, but I’m almost a hundred percent sure she got baptized.

The part I like to share more than anything though is that she really looked for that answer, she read the chapters we left her and prayed and did everything to complete with the promise that Moroni gives us in ch. 10 : 3-4 But she didn’t just ask and leave it at that but she looked for the ways the spirit works in her life and in the scriptures. We and share a bunch of stories about of the spirit works in different people in the scriptures, but the other thing we really need to do is share how the spirit has worked in our own lives, like when I was lost in St. George or Grandpa with his thumb story, or thousands of little things that happen every day.
Anyways, Love you guys