Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 December 09

Hey Mom, You sent me that letter saying that i shouldn’t be afraid to take up leadship responsibilities right before changes, what were you thinking? Now i’m a district leader. I hope you can live with yourself… 
I only forgive you cause you sent me those awesome gifts! Thanks for that.
Changes were way weird… again. President Tyler changed the whole mission. We went from 5 zones in Lima to 9, so now i’m in San Martin and the two zone leaders are new to they zone and no one really knows them that well. Elder Ordinola, whose gonna finish his mission this change, and Elder Williams who just got moved up to Zone Leader. Me and Elder Griffith (my first companion in the MTC) are the two district leaders, but other than that, no changes. I stay with Elder Pizarro (but he’ll probably leave in the middle of this change for Venezuala) and i’m still in Lobitos.
So, any advice on how to be a district leader? Like you said, i was hoping to go under the radar for the mish, but its hard to do.
And as to the Christmas Day phone call… heck if i know. We’re gonna talk about that Wednesday with the zone leaders because they don’t know yet. They’re having problems cause they have to move sectors because they’re living about an hour away from us right now and in the middle of a different zone… don’t know how that worked out, but we’re gonna help em move today. But i’ll shoot ya some info on that next week.
And now that I’ve thought about it, one of the things i love about Peru is that everyone … invites you for food? How do you say that in english? Calder, translate that. I don’t know, they just give you food all the time. If you buy a little bit of candy, a snack pack or something, you only eat a handful and the rest goes to everyone around you. And i think its pretty awesome how all the families are so close. It makes it easy to ask for references, because their aunts, cousins, brothers, grandparents, and everyone else in their family live in the same neighborhood, and a lot of the time in the same house, just on a different floor. Makes me want to stay close to the fam too. We gotta plan that out, cause i’m not staying in Utah, sorry Ethan.
As to the people we’ve met this week. We’re now teaching a family of about 20 people. We’ve only met about 6 of them so far, but like i said, they all live in the same house. They’re really nice and they’re reading the Book of Mormon, they only problem is that they don’t come to church. That seems to be the biggest problem is every sector in every zone in every mission. But we’re gonna work on emphasizing the Sabbath Day this week so that they understand a little bit better, even though we’ve already taught it twice and went to pick them up to go to church.
Anyways, let me know if that voice recording worked out, I love you guys, when’s Piper due? Talk to ya soon.
MPLC –Elder Coulson Huntington