Thursday, January 28, 2010

14 December 09

First off, as to the package, I got everything, don’t worry. The fives, the cards, the readers, the ties, the candy, and everything. And give Stan and Judy Nielson a big thank you for the package they sent me too! Sent me a bit of candy and a way awesome tie that my companion is looking to take away to Venezuela.
Sorry, but this week i won’t be sending a recording cause this computer is latched down and i can’t get to the usb connection in back, but now that i know that it works i’ll be sending those a lot more frequently and some more pictures. You were right about the card reader, cause i’m a little bit scared to take the camera around in Callao. Its not exactly the safest place if you know what i mean. But again, no usb jack. And thinking about the voice recorder, i could probably upload the file to the voice recorder i have to play it back in the room, so that we be pretty sweet. Maybe it would be easier for becca to send me an email that way, and be there when Piper is born. But you still haven’t told me, when is she due to be born? (She arrived 30 December-Ed) And as to the phone card. I’ll be calling to set that up Thursday sometime in the afternoon. But the time limit is one hour, and as president said ‘more or less’ ao we have a little bit of give on that.
Sorry Mayce, i didn’t have time to read your email yet, but next week i’ll print it off and respond to you, if you had any questions or anything.
And the economy, i can’t see a difference. I’ve asked a few people about it too, but they say its basically the same, poor is poor and thats it. Some people have it worse off than others, some people don’t have work, but for the most part its because they don’t want to look for work or don’t want to study to get to the point where they can work. We’ve had to talk about that a few times with people who complain about the money situation and we’ve seen it help a few times, where they actually start to look for work, find it, and stop complaining. Even though its not a great job, ít gets the bread on the table´.
As to the District Leader thing... Its not that bad, but i’m just starting out. I had my first district meeting and it went really well. We put down a few goals as a district, set up the way we want to have our meetings, how we can help the people who have a date to get baptized and a few other things. Its weird to go back down to a small zone, and we’re all gonna have to get adjusted to it again, but i think we’re gonna be more united... um.... amongst ourselves? I’m not sure if thats how you say it.... la zona será mas unida entre si. Its just hard for the two elders who are gonna finish up their missions this change. They’re a little bit lazy and talk about their home a bunch, but its not that bad.
We’ll have a baptism this Thursday too! José Nicolás, the guy that asked me to give a baby’s blessing to his new born daughter and his wife is already a member. He has a bunch of questions, but i feel he is really trying to keep all of his commitments. Its just hard to find him because he works a bunch. But he passed his interview and i’m pretty excited for that. It feels like such a long time since the last baptism. Its great to see him finally reach his goal.
Again, sorry about missing the voice recording, but next time i’ll make sure to get a computer with a usb.
Love you guys, thanks for your support and i’ll talk to ya soon!