Thursday, January 28, 2010

14 Jan 10

And as to the problem with people coming to church, its getting a lot better. Yesterday we had 6 investigators that came to church, and really i could see that the work i've put into this ward wasn't wasted. I think it was a blessing that the Lord gave me to have that last chance to stand up in front of the ward and see everyone, all the members that i've grown close to, the investigators, the converts, the less actives that we had visited all there in the chapel. Now i can leave the ward feeling good that my companion will still have a good month of baptisms coming up, with Maricruz, Jacobo, Miguel Angel, Pelayo, Rubi, Jarumy, Estela, Derex, and Aldair. I don't think all of them will get baptized, but at least half of them, and even though i wont see them, i feel good that i'd helped them so far.
And to tell you a little bit about Maricruz. She just turned 14 a little bit ago and she has her little baby girl of 14 months. She's really humble and i think she had the baby against her own choice. We're not sure and its a delicate subject, but she progressing a lot and has the support of her aunt whose one of the inactives that we helped to come back to church (Rosa Casana). And her uncle Jacobo started to listen to us and is really interested. He couldn't come to church this week, but he said he'll come next time. And then when she came, she brought her nephew Miguel Angel who said he wants to come to church and get baptized, so that should work out pretty well. Everything looks to be going really good.

I love you guys and thanks for your support. I made it through the trials here and now i think its on to another place to grow a little bit more.

-Elder Coulson Huntington