Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 December 09

Well i don’t know much about the other areas, but its most likely that i’ll ether stay in this area for one more change or preisdent will send me to provinces. That would be either Cusco, Abancay, Puerto Maldonado, or Apurimac. I would love any one of them. I started there in Puerto, so that would be cool to go back there to spend some more time in the jungle, but i also want to go and see the mountains of Cusco. And if i’m in Cusco there’s a chance that i’ll be able to go see Machu Pichu too. President Tyler changed that recently. Before, we couldn’t go to Machu Pichu unless we were finishing up the mission in the provinces, but now we can go one time, we just have to pay for everything. I think its worth it though cause its about 40 bucks, including lunch and everything. But Cusco is made up of a bunch of provinces, and not just the city. I have my good friend Elder Benavides in Siquani, so that would be cool to go there. Its a little bit higher than the city of Cusco, but its still in the district of Cusco. I hear its pretty cold there and its raining a bunch. I can tell that too cause the river thats in my area is growing a lot and it smells a lot better cause its washing away a bunch of the trash and dead dogs that were just lying there in the river bed. Other than that i don’t know too much, but it looks like i’m gonna stay district leader for a few changes at least.

As to a fun story, we were walking near a high school talking with two teens about the plan of salvation when two other guys came up behind us and pulled out a gun on us. I almost laughed because it looked like one of the girly guns that can fit in the palm of your hand, but i restrained myself. He pointed it at my companion, then at me, then and the two teens that we with us and started yelling at them. He tried to cock the gun and it just got stuck, like the pin got stuck or something. But he just got frustrated and left with his friend and we kept talking about the plan of salvation like nothing happened. Whooo!!! First time anyone’s pulled out a gun on me.