Thursday, January 28, 2010

4 Jan 10

Well we’re coming up on changes, the 13th so we’re getting ready for that. Its almost a sure thing that one of us is gonna get a change, especially since they didn’t send me the money for Elder Pizarro, he might be going to Venezuela soon. But there’s also a really good chance that I’ll be going to provinces. And I’m trying hard to find one of those packages to send the sd card to you guys, but its hard to find, I’m asking the pension to look for it, but it doesn’t look very promising. That and we no longer have p days for the rest of this change. But I got permission from the zone leaders to go and buy some new shoes because if I get a change to provinces I’ll be dying. My right shoe just has a big hole in it right on the heel and it feel weird to walk on it.

Wow, that’s way weird to think that Andrea is already engaged, but I guess that that’s what happens when you’re at BYU for more than a year. I'm actually surprised that i haven't heard of more engagements now that i think about it. Oh, and as to that BYU stuff, just look it up on the BYU website, the date the semester starts in January and when I have to sign up for my classes and stuff like that. It’ll all be there in the calendar they have.

And Piper!!! Sweet, so I’ll be coming home just in time for her to not be crying so much and I’ll be able to play around with her. How’s Ivy doing after all that?
And Calder, I’m not sure if its gonna hit you for a while, but you’re gonna do fine. Just take your advice to me for yourself and keep going.
I love you guys and thanks for those photos!!!