Monday, September 28, 2009

28 September 09

(Question, have you seen Elder Hales, from the Canyon Gate Ward, yet-Editor) As to Elder Hales, nope. Haven’t seen him yet cause he’s still in Espinar, which isn’t exactly in my zone… but every change meeting I have it in my head to look for him. Maybe this next change meeting (21 oct) I’ll get to talk with him for a bit. As to the meetings we have, every Monday morning we have a zone study, and every Wednesday we have district meetings, and then once every change we have a multi-zone meeting with president, and then an interview every change too. Work visits come by every now and again too. Tonight my companion is gonna go work with one of the zone leaders (Elder Johnson) and the other (Elder Hoyos) is gonna come work with me in Lobitos. It’ll be the first work exchange I’ve had with a zone leader, but with district leaders it’s more common. We had one with our DL (Elder Utani) about 2 days ago.
Being a trainer… let’s see… first, I have to do all the planning, I have to make all the phone calls, and I have to teach for most of the lessons because he’s a bit nervous to teach. He’s a good teacher when he’s not scared, so once he gets over that he’ll be fine. I have to teach him some of the stuff President Elmer taught us when he wasn’t here, how to present the Book of Mormon and stuff like that. And we have to work on memorizing scriptures and the points of the lesson that we need to touch.
Oh ya, we have 6 people with a baptismal date, but now the real test is seeing if they’ll do what it takes to be baptized. The biggest problem we have in this sector is getting them to go to church. We teach a bunch of lessons, we have service activities sometimes, we get people to accept a date to get baptized… but they don’t come to church. We’ll drop by their house early in the morning and they aren’t there, or they don’t answer cause they’re sleeping, or they went to the market, or they’re at their friend’s house. It’s sad, but we’re working on some different ways to get them to church, cause something’s gotta change.
Something to send me…
well now we can watch any movie or video of the church, so if you have some cool videos for a family Home Evening or something like that, that would be cool

Love you guys, I’ll send you that video when I get the sd card