Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6 October 09

October conference was great, but I was only able to watch parts of it in English, and then the rest in Spanish and it really just isn’t the same without hearing their real voices. I didn’t really get as much from Elder Holland’s talk because of that, but it was still pretty amazing. As for how it works, we all go to the stake center to watch it, its that easy. And they do all the translations in the conference center and broadcast it with all the translations already added. It was amazing because we heard so many messages directed exactly to the member’s problems and needs, and those of our investigators too, but it was horrible, because during the Saturday sessions, there was hardly anyone, and the Sunday afternoon session didn’t have many people either, just the Sunday morning session. It made me a little sad that the members don’t take general conference seriously. Its like they take for granted that we as a living church of Christ have prophets to guide us.
We had four investigators with a date to get baptized this week, but not one of them showed up to conference. It was a little bit disheartening, especially now that they can’t get baptized this week, and so many messages that were directed straight to their needs. Looks like we’re gonna be teaching a whole lot about the Sabbath day this week. Any suggestions on getting people to the church are not only welcomed, but needed. We need to change something to get more of the members to come to the church every Sunday.

Thanks for all you’re support, I love you guys and you’re always in my prayers, especially my first baby niece that’s coming on her way. Whenever I see a little girl playing in the streets I think about Calder and Ivy and say a quick pray for you. (There’s a little girl playing outside now)

Mayce and Ethan, come on guys, I need to know how you're doing, write me a quick note.
Calder and Ivy, you too.
Becca and Davis, really?