Tuesday, September 22, 2009

21 Sept 2009

Well ya, I wrote you last week, and when I tried to send the email the server kicked me off the website, along with almost all the other elders too. It was just great. Anyways, that’s cool that when I finish my first year in the mission, David’s (Coulson's cousin-ED) just gonna be getting to the MTC. Its weird to think we’re all at this point in our lives already. Its like I never thought it would actually come up.
Anyways, my new companion is Elder Pizarro, he’s here from Lima, a place called Villa Salvador. He’s three years older than me, but he’s still my baby boy. Ya, looks like I just had a kid! Whooo!!! I beat Calder and Ivy to the punch. Ya, right now he has a little over a week in the mission, which means I’m training, and I’m senor companion, and I have a lot more responsibilities. Its interesting… but ya, that just the way it is. Anyways, this isn’t even really his mission. His assigned mission is Venezuela, but he has to wait for his visa to come through before he takes off, which means he’ll stay here for up to 6 months waiting. And like all the new missionaries, he’s really afraid, and nervous, but he’s coming along really quick because I’m making him challenge people to baptism. That’s what my companions did to me to, and now its really easy to do.
As to my sector… Lobitos, or in English, Little Wolves… its pretty big, and we have a lot of work to do. Oh, and we have a mega-shopping mall in my sector too, called Minka, so we can pretty much find whatever we need at any time.
And with every one of our investigators, the problem we have is just finding them. Its like they’re always working or playing soccer or volleyball and we never have time to teach them, and then they won’t be in their homes on Sunday so they can’t come to church. It makes it really difficult, but ya, we’re still working with them. More than anything though, we need to work with the new converts. Its kinda funny that right when my last comp left, his converts started to come back to church. Anyways, we have to work a lot with getting the inactive members back to church, so our baptisms are gonna fall a little bit, but I’m still happy when I see two or three families coming back to church. Pensionista… Hermana Julia… Not too much to say, but we live above the pension, with the bishop, his wife and daughter (about 40 years old). She’s really cool, and thanks to her I actually made it through my last change. I talked to her a lot and she helped me be a lot more patient.

Know that I'm doing a lot better now that i have a different companion, and I'm am very grateful for your prayers. Love you guys