Friday, July 2, 2010

June 2010

Alrighty, so because we're probably gonna be stuck in that protest, we planned out to have a theater night in the church where we just watch family movies there, we got permission and everything so it'll be pretty good to have something to do that day. Hopefully we'll get a few families there to teach and reactivate. I feel really good about how this branch is progressing, and even though the other branches aren't too strong, i really feel that this district will be a stake. And i really don't think it'll take as long as i did when i started here. Now that we have better leadership and we're starting to have activities, a lot more people are gonna come to church.
Well i would be great if you guys could pray for Karla Ormachea, she's already decided to get baptized, but pray for her family so that they can support her and that she can have the strength she needs to be a good and pacient mother.

Well this week was really quite slow, but we have found some good people to teach. We finally started teaching our neighbor Mayra and her son. The only problem there is that she isn't married and her boyfriend lives in Italy and only comes every once in a while. I really don't understand why people try to make things so hard with the long-distance relationship. I don't think its a very smart move, but she's trying it out. She just moved here to Urubamba about 5 months ago, which means I've been here more time than she has, which is just weird to think, but its also a great time to help her find friends in the church and feel the support that she needs. But what I've seen here is that there isn't much support from the members. They are mostly all converts and they don't feel the need to do much to befriend other members or investigators. They basically feel that if they didn't have that support then they don't need to give it. There is definitely a lack of service here. It makes me miss the times when we helped move, put up Christmas lights, clean houses, do yard work and all that stuff just as a priests quorum.

But we're really striving to get this branch more united. We're having activities every week know, seminary once a week, English classes, sports nights, and movie nights. Now we just need to have the leaders follow our example and have quorum activities. We need a ward mission leader and have Noche Misionales. Too bad i think I'm gonna have a change pretty soon...

Anyways, I love you guys and I'll send off that small package this week. It has a letter for Gram, a present for Calder, Mom, Dad, and Piper. Hope it doesn't cost too much.