Sunday, July 4, 2010

4 July 2010

To make it a little bit clearer, I'm staying in the the Peru Lima Central Mission as the assistant to President Tyler. My new sector is Las Brisas in the Magdalena stake. But to answer dad's question, no, we hardly ever go out to out sector to work. We just do training sessions, interviews, zone conferences, and work visits. Its pretty rough, and for the last week I've only been in my own sector (area) for about 5 hours to teach. We just have too much to do opening the new zones in the mission. We asked for two missionaries to extend their missions for two weeks to help us out doing work visits so they are here trying to help integrate the other two zones. Its a little weird because the other missions have different goals, different rules, and even different words they use to refer to stuff. I know they'll feel a little out of place for a while, but we'll be working pretty hard to help they get used to they way we work here in the Lima Central Mission.

I told you guys a long time ago that i thought and felt i was gonna stay in Lima right? And what i thought would happen is exactly what did happen. My first companion in the MTC, Elder Griffith was called to be assistant here in Lima last change, then he went to Cusco to be assistant there and help open up the mission, and I got pulled back here to Lima to be assistant for President Tyler. I'm really excited to find out about what i have to do in this position, but kinda sad that I'm probably not gonna have many baptisms at all while I'm assistant, which will likely be till i go home.

I'll just tell you about what I've been doing for the last few days. President decided to open up a new sector called Miraflores, which is one of the richest places in all of Peru, and we had to go find them a room to live in. Every single room we found costs about 500 dollars, which is just ridiculous for how small they were. I paid about 70 dollars in Urubamba for a huge room with everything included, so i was really frustrated looking for the room, but finally we found one that is way small, but fits enough for a few months for only 550 soles (about $200-ED). So we spent two days just looking for the room, and then after finding it i had to do a few electrical repairs cause we are too cheap to pay for an electrician. So i just took at it with a kitchen knife and a pair of rusted pliers and prayed for protection.

Worked out pretty well too, i just hope that scotch tape holds up to 220 volts of electricity. I would like to consider myself a real Peruvian electrician now.

Oh, but i went and took out an MRI on my left knee too (He hurt his knee early on playing soccer on P-day - ED), I'll talk to the mission doc pretty soon so see what he says about it and I'll let you guys know next week, but its not anything urgent.

Love you guys, thanks for all the updates. oh, and I'll send photos soon too.