Friday, July 2, 2010

Coulson is AP and in Lima again!

Ya, i would have told you before if I'd known, but my p-day totally changed on me and now I'll be having it on Saturdays, so that means you'll have to start writing me on Fridays. I was kinda sad to leave the Sacred Valley, but it is sooo awesome cause I'm here in the office in Lima with Justin (Hales, Glade and Ferris Hales grandson from Las Vegas-ED) now!!!

Coulson and Justin

How awesome is that? So I'll be seeing him every single day for this next month. We even live in the same room, and check this out, the room we're in has such amazing showers. IT HAS TWO KNOBS!!! I've never seen that in all of Peru, so I'm just so excited that i can turn on the hot water separately from the cold. I know that probably sounds so stupid for you guys, but it is soo awesome to me. And for the last few days I've actually been eating some good food. Papa Johns, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and all that healthy stuff. I know it sounds unhealthy to you guys too, but you just don't understand until you try eating chicken feet in your chuño soup.
Oh, and i think i might be ending my mission in this next sector i get cause they moved me up to be assistant to open up the new mission, and they generally like to keep the assistants in that position for a while. Which means I'll probably be seeing President Dorius a bit too (the ex-stake president for Uncle Kris). I'm kinda confused with all the stuff I'll need to do, but the first thing is a training for all the new elders that will be getting here on Monday. Kinda sad though, cause being assistant basically means the baptisms are gonna slow to a stop.
So ya, I'll see how that goes. These last six months are gonna be hard, but it'll go by fast. Anyways, it was pretty special to leave Urubamba and say goodbye to the converts and the investigators. The last baptism i had, Bryan, even though he's only 8 years old, promised me that he was gonna go on the mission too. But not only that, but his mom, our investigator promised me the same thing. Then he gave me a handmade beanie and gave me a hug and walked away. I really think that finding the less active or inactive people is the best way to get baptisms. They always want their family members to get baptized too, and now that Brian is a member his aunt is more active and his cousin always goes. And now that we've started doing a lot more activities, they always have a reason to be there in the church and inviting more people to come. I really feel good leaving the sector like i did.

So i hope to hear a lot from you guys next Saturday, love you guys a bunch. Do me a favor a pray for me so i can step up to the new position. Give me any advice on being assistant or what you know about it.