Tuesday, July 28, 2009

27 July 2009

Well thats pretty cool that Kevin´s engaged now (Coulson's Cousin - ED). Looks like the family just keeps changing more and more while i´m away. And now that I think about it, there´s a good chance that Robert (Cousin just returning from Argentina Mission) will be married too by the time me and Dallin (cousin serving mission in the Ukraine - ED) get back. Well this week we have the change meeting, so there´s a chance i´ll have a new comp or a new area. I think I’ll probably stay here in 200 Millas for two more changes before I leave. Which means I’ll spend my first birthday of the mission here in Lima. Anyways, send me an update of how everything went during the family reunion. An update of everything that happened this week… I’m happy because we baptized a joven this Saturday and confirmed her (Hitsbel) and Zefy, the niña that we baptized last Sunday.

Oh, and Zefy finally learned a little about my name, because now she doesn’t call me el gringo, but now its Elder Timbre, which means doorbell, because they pronounce the end of Huntington like a doorbell **Tin Ton**
It makes me laugh, and hopefully this next change we can baptize her dad.

Love you all

6 Months in the mission and it is a tradition to burn a tie (who knew? - Ed)