Monday, May 4, 2009

4 May 09

Anyways, wow this week went by fast. We were both a little sick Thursday, so we didn´t head out after the multizona and Friday it was worse s our pensionista wouldn´t let us leave. She is extremely protective of us. Its kind scary, but she really does love us and want to help us in any way she possibly can. We had to do a bunch of stuff for the zone, so i´m learning a bit of what you need to do as a zone leader, which is horrible because i think that President is gonna have me be a zone leader eventually as he hinted in my interview.

So the interview with President was cool, it was extremely short, just a few questions, he was really nice and he didn´t mention anything about where i would be going, but its pretty much a sure thing that i´m gonna be in a different place next time you guys get an email. I think it´ll probably be in Lima, but i don´t know. And as to the camera situation... its horrible, i left my cables in Puerto so I can´t recharge my camera, its dead so i can´t take pictures here, and I can´t connect it to the computer cause it has a specific cable and no one has an sd card reader and i can´t find an electronic store in my sector. Don´t really know when i´ll be able to get you guys some photos, but i´m trying, this is kind of an upsetting situation with my camera right now.

Dad, as to your questions ya, everythings fine, my eyes are a bit red still but they feel normal (except the pollution in Lima is beyond imagination) and i´ve felt fine since i´ve been here except for a little bit of gripe. Ya, í´m keeping a journal, its tiny, but its there and i´m writing in it quite a bit, not nearly everyday, but enough.

I love you all, sorry i can´t spend more time writing you, but i gotta go, love you all. And ya there is a time limit for the Mothers Day call, like 30 min.