Monday, May 25, 2009

200 Millas, in Lima

Anyways, a little about 200 Millas... its huge (Coulson's current area-ed). We have to take a bus to get to the other side, where its basically like a new area. Its a bit poorer than where we live, and that's where we have a bunch of investigators. But we have plenty on the side where we live too, so we have to plan our days to go visit one side, and then go and visit the other at another time. Its interesting, more so because my companion doesn´t like to plan. Or study. But he sure does love to sleep. So that's a little about my companion, his name is Elder Marcelo, and he´s from Puenta Piedra, just about an hour in bus from here. Its a little difficult, but hey, the mission isn´t supposed to be easy. At least he teaches pretty well. My Spanish is coming along, and i feel like i can teach and share experiences pretty well, its just a little hard to understand everything because i really have to focus, and i still miss out on a lot of what they say, but its not really a problem.
As to our investigators, we have a baptism this Saturday, a joven named Jhonatan (and yes, that's how its spelled). But the other investigators that i find is really exciting to teach is Gloria. She is living with her cousin right now, and he´s the secretary of the ward, and he´s getting ready to go on his mission, so he helps her out by talking with her, about his mission and everything else. She has a baptismal date too, along with a few other of our investigators.
My health, its fine, but my companion got his wisdom teeth out (3) so he was down for the count for about a week, where i got some down time to read my scriptures in Spanish and work on organizing the area book, which was in horrible disorder when i started. But i think that now we´ll finally be able to use it with some efficiency.
I don´t really know too much about how to do everything with the papers, and it doesn´t help that i can´t ask my companion cause he doesn´t use it, but i´m learning little by little.
I love you guys, and i´m looking forward to getting some pictures from the wedding (Coulson's sister Becca and Davis MacKay are getting married June 27th-ed), and well... everything. And i´ll send you some more of my pictures next week.