Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2, 2009

Alright, the missionaries in my district are pretty much just high school kids that if Calder had to deal with he might have wanted to kill them. I like our DL tho, Elder Christensen is from Canada and he really has a missionary attitude about him. I'm definitely glad to be leaving soon.
And on that topic, we got our flight plans on Friday, and we'll be leaving for the airport early on Feb 11, leave at 10 am and get to Lima at midnight. As far as I can tell we won't be having any lay-overs, so its gonna be a long flight. But as I remember, I'll be able to call you when I'm at the airport, but without a stop, I'll probably be calling around 8, give or take an hour.
The spanish is going alright, I feel pretty confident praying in it and I'm starting to feel better about sharing my testimony as well, even though both are fairly simple. I think whats really making me feel comfortable praying in spanish is the fact that I pray roughly 18 times a day in spanish and 1-3 times a day in english.
Oh, and I think Aunt Zan should be getting a quick video of lunch time at the MTC. Its pretty cool because me, Dallin, and Landry are all right next to each other (normally) when we eat. We really don't get to talk much, because honestly all there is to talk about is the gospel and most of the time we're just mentally drained from the massive study load.
And since I'm sure you've had this thought cross your mind, yes, it is very difficult to wake up on time, and its annoying going to sleep at 10:30, and shaving every day is one of the worst experiences I've had so far.