Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Elder Huntington's address

Coulson asked that I post his mailing address via the Missionary Pouch Mail system. Evidently, it is delivered weekly to Peru. It is:
Elder Dale Coulson Huntington
Peru Lima Central Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0150
His e-mail address is

Well, I didn´t get to go to the temple today, we have to go meet with Interpol at 9 so we don´t get kicked out of the country. Tons of fun. Anyways, I wish I could send pictures, but here is even worse than the Provo MTC with the computer situation, so I don´t think I´ll be able to get you any pictures until I´m out of here and on a computer somewhere in a little cafe, but I promise, they´re pretty good.
Its weird to think that my companion is gonna be leaving next Wednesday, cause then we´ll have a few more north Americans come in and we´ll have three different Latinos in our room. At least with them we´ll have a little bit of talking skills. I´m actually teaching a bit now, and making half way decent sense. Usually I just bare my testimony instead of going deep into the subject, but i´m starting to understand people when they talk to me. Maybe in three weeks I´ll be able to actually go out and teach.
Oh ya, Saturday was fun, we went tracting. We were supposed to visit 4 less-active member families and teach them the first lesson, but instead of that, because none of the families were home, we went tracting for 5 hours. I think the Lord knew I needed help so he sent me Latinos who spoke English. There were four people around one of the side street mini-markets and after we passed by and were deciding to turn left or right, i started walking back to talk with them, turns out two of them spoke English and wanted to practice, so with the permission of my companion and talked with Inedska and Sergio for quite a while in English. I didn´t give the whole first lesson, but I did explain the Book of Mormon and challenged them to read some chapters and pray about it. All in all we gave out four Books of Mormon and talked to about 3 other people, but we didn´t have any more to give out. As far as I can tell, talking with people on the street is a lot more effective than knocking on doors.
I have to admit, as much as I love playing soccer, I miss basketball at the church, its just so much better to have a small group than to try and have 30-40 people playing soccer. And on that note, I´m surprised that Peruvians aren´t better at soccer. I know that they´ve grown up with it, but they still just can´t play all that well. Well I have to go get ready to meet with Interpol, so let me know what you want to hear about.

By the way, we still get DearElder down here once a week through the pouch mail system.
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