Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 weeks March 2009

Wow, I was wondering when I'd be getting the email telling me that Becca was going to get married. Didn't think it would be quite this soon though. Anway’s, I forgot to tell you guys this last week, but during the tracting last Saturday I met a guy who knew Calder. Weird right? His name was Richard Royal and he served with Calder in Teguc. We just saw him walking down the street and he waved us over, talked for a little bit, and I asked where he served his mission, he said Tegucigalpa and I was like... what? He looked at my name tag and laughed a little bit. I definitely didn't expect to see anyone that knew someone in my family.
We only talked for a little bit because we had some other places to go teach, but it was just one of those weird little experiences. And this Saturday we went to one of the richer parts of Lima, called Mira Flores to go teach less active members. Its was great because that’s what we'd been doing for the past two times and I still hadn't gotten into a house to actually teach the member. In the other area we just knocked on the doors, and either someone would answer and say they didn't have time and shut it right away, or they wouldn't answer the door at all. And, supposedly, because this area was richer there was a smaller chance to get into the house or even talk with the members at all. I figured my 0 in 12 house run would continue to 0 in 18, but when we started knocking on doors people actually answered.
The first house, or apartment, we had to walk down a dark little tunnel and climb up a pretty narrow staircase up to a place where there was Enimem playing in the background. We walked past that music, and past a house that was blaring Coldplay. Knocked on the door, waited for roughly 4 full minutes, and then a guy came out of the home that was playing Coldplay and came to talk to us. Sure enough, he was the guy we were looking for, or at least part of the family. His mom and little brother were gone, but we still gave a pretty good lesson, talked with him about his work, and had some Chicha Morada (purple corn juice), which is starting to grow on me. And after that we had 3 other homes open their doors to us, the last of which was in a high rise condo building overlooking part of the business district. There we taught a mom and her son, and three friends of the mom who were non members. They were really friendly toward me, probably because I'm white, and liked that I was trying to learn their language and wanted to help me whenever they could. That fact I particularly enjoyed because I could tell that they were actually listening to what I was saying.
Anyways, I'll tell you a little about my new companion, his name is Elder Huesa, he's from Lima, and he speaks so much more clearly than my other companion. It’s really a relief that I can almost understand everything he says. I feel like we teach really well together, we're bonding pretty well, and I'm trying to teach him a little bit of English, mostly because he really likes songs and hymns in English. He's trying to help me with my vocab in Spanish, which is also great for me. He's great and he'll get better as he learns from PME. Love you both.
-Elder Coulson Huntington

Wow, that’s going to be so awesome to be related to Jesse (MacKay-Becca’s new brother in law - ed), and I’m sure that Cameron will be excited. And as for being Ward Missionaries (Dad’s new calling – ed), that’s going to be amazing. All I know here is that all the families we actually get in to talk with are so helpful and loving. I’m excited to get my first real field companion, and that will be in just about 7 days now. I’m not sure if you should expect an email next Wednesday because I’ll be leaving the CCM on Tuesday and I really just don’t know what’s going to be happening. At the same time, you can probably expect pictures next time I email you, awesome, I know. So I think that that will be pretty awesome. Oh, and I was able to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead in Spanish, and confirmations in Spanish too, its was pretty awesome, but scary at the same time. Sorry I didn’t have much time today, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes
Love you lots, and good luck with the new callings.