Friday, November 13, 2009

1 November 09

This week was pretty cool, because we had what they call here a matrimonio massivo, or a massive marriage. We had two couples get married, and we’ll have a baptism on Halloween to complete a family in the church, Manuel. The wife and the little girl are already members, and soon the husband will follow her (but he isn’t the father of the kids). And the other couple we’re still teaching. The wife is a member, but her kids are still too young and her husband is a little hard to find, so we’ve only talked to him a little bit. And the following week we should have another baptism, Jamier, a teenager that goes to seminary with his friend. And I’m still hoping that his cousin Brighyt will come to church some day. She reads the Book of Mormon and accepted to get baptized, just isn’t doing what it takes to get to that point. Then the next week a young woman, Paula, who’s a single Mom and we’ve never met the father. I don’t think he has anything to do with her life anymore, except every once and a while to see his little girl.

Love you guys and thanks for your support.Wow, well first off with the baptisms. Manuel got baptized Halloween in the nighttime, which was way cool, cause a bunch of people from the ward came to support him and his family. Now that we helped them get married and baptized, the whole family is part of the church and they are definitely progressing a lot. Now we just have to help his sister get married too, cause she wants to get baptized too. It’s just that her ‘spouse’ needs to get divorced from his other marriage first. Jamier wants to put off his baptism until the end of November, and Paola is ready for the 21st, just needs to come to church for the next two weeks. Anibal is a little guy, twelve years old that wants to get baptized too, and we’re helping him work towards that, but he really reminds me of Raul’s little brother… way active. Ya know, I would have thought that Vegas, being Sin City and all, would be worse than Lima, but its ridiculous the things that happen here. Just in my sector we’ve had people shot, stabbed, run over by cars, stolen. One night I woke up to go to the bathroom and I heard what I thought was a firework (cause the Catholics here always set off fireworks in their ‘faith walks’), but then I find out two days later that someone died in the park across from where Manuel lives.

And Becca, I’d love to have you and Davis come down here too, so start planning and saving up that green. Calder, I never forget about you and Ivy, and actually I talk about you quite a bit to my investigators too cause I’m dang excited to come home to see my first little niece.

Thanks for all the news, I love you guys a ton! And thanks for checking out about that package mom!