Monday, June 8, 2009

7 June 09

Short message to Davis, the parents really arent as crazy as they seem. (Whats with that? - Editor and Parent)

Ya, so this past Saturday we baptized Gloria, and there is a picture attached of her, me and my comp. The water was freezing, and there was an 8 year old getting baptized too, but because the water was so cold he wouldn't go all the way into the water. Took him nearly half an hour to get baptized. But aside from that, all the messages were good and when Gloria bore her testimony it was incredibly strong. I was the one to baptize her, solely by chance, because she wrote si on one piece of paper and no on another, crumpled them up, threw them in the air and i picked up the one that said si. After that, we asked why she didn't want her cousin Lorenzo to baptize her, and she said that Lorenzo will always be there for her, but i want to remember the Elders that knocked on my door and taught me, and i think this is a good way to be able to remember you. It was interesting how she explained it... or at least how i understood it.
And now that we have those baptisms, we need to challenge a lot more, because we don't have many more with a baptismal date.
Well, this past Tuesday was an interview with President, and that was great, we finally had some good food (pancakes and tacos) for breakfast and lunch. But more than that, i actually had a good interview. My first was hardly anything, just a few questions about my health and the language, but this time it was actually very helpful. I expressed my concern that i still don't know hardly anything about the forms or anything because my trainer never fills anything out except the baptismal record. He knows that I have had a bad childhood on the mission, so hopefully it will just get better. And next change we will have our new President. Interesting start for the two years.
Love you guys.